The View’s Joy Behar blasts Whoopi Goldberg

JOY Behar has chastised Whoopi Goldberg for “checking out” in the middle of a financial discussion in a marriage.

During the segment on Wednesday’s episode, The View host, 80, slammed her co-host, 66, for acting bored and playing up to the audience.

The panelists were debating how they manage their spending with their partners.

Sunny Hostin joked that she was tired of paying for things like streaming services and ballet lessons for her children.

Sara Haines also stated that she and her husband have a joint account as well as separate accounts.

The audience laughed as Whoopi appeared uninterested in the debate and rested her head on her chin wearily.

Sunny noticed her behavior and asked, “Right, Whoopi?”

“Whoopi checked out an hour ago,” Joy added.

This isn’t the first time Whoopi, who just released a new book, has been embroiled in a heated debate on the chat show.

She rolled her eyes at Alyssa Farah Griffin earlier this week after her co-host mentioned Bachelor In Paradise during a heated debate.

The group was discussing dating and the best way to reject someone.

Whoopi gave a lengthy and passionate speech about why simply saying “no” to an admirer should suffice.

“Some men have very fragile egos,” Alyssa, 33, responded.

“Tough!” exclaimed Whoopi Goldberg.

“It reminds me of an ABC micro drama from Bachelor In Paradise,” Alyssa continued.

Whoopi jumped in, groaning, “Ugh,” and rolling her eyes before smiling at the rest of the panel.

The moderator has had several heated exchanges with newcomer Alyssa.

She left Alyssa speechless last month when she warned her not to talk about her cheating ex-boyfriend.

During the episode, Alyssa revealed that her ex had been unfaithful to “several women” and had even taken one of them on vacation with them.

“And kept emailing me from Hawaii to say that he wanted to reconcile with me,” Alyssa, who is now married to Justin Griffin, added.

“I’m just going to remind you about your business,” Whoopi said, pointing a stern finger at Alyssa.

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