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DMCA Complaint Notice

We highly encourage our authors to avoid infringing copyrights of others. In order to provide 49ultra a DMCA compliant notice that complies with the DMCA’s requirements (“DMCA Notice”), you should:

  1. Identify the work that you claim has been infringed and is copyrighted. If several copyrighted works are included in your DMCA Notice, you may provide a list of the copyrighted works that you claim have been infringed.
  2. Provide your contact information (email, phone number and your mailing address)
  3. Quote phrases reasonably enough for us to locate each section of allegedly infringing material that you are requesting to be deleted or disabled. (For example, by including each URL where the infringing material may be found on our site.)
  4. Send your DMCA Notice to:
  5. The person concerned will review the notice
  6. If it’s valid, we immediately remove the content from our data bank
  7. We reach out to the author and depending on the magnitude of the infringement, we take action and reply to the copyright holder to let them know that we took action.


It is necessary to determine whether the way the content is used falls under fair usage before sending a DMCA notice. If you are not sure whether your copyright is infringed by content found on our website or if it is entitled to fair use rights, you should first consider seeking legal advice.

If you materially misrepresent the content or action is infringing, please be aware that you could be liable for damages (including costs and attorneys ‘ fees).

As a consequence of Lenz v. Universal, you are expected to consider the potential consequences for fair use. We reserve the right to appeal the DMCA process’s violations.

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