Azziad Nasenya Salary 2023

Azziad Nasenya’s Earnings

Azziad Nasenya, a popular social media influencer, commands significant fees for promoting brands and campaigns on her various platforms. On Instagram, having your brand featured on her feed costs Ksh.100,000, while an InstaStory promotion requires Ksh.50,000. For an Instagram Live endorsement, a similar amount of Ksh.50,000 is needed.

Moving to Twitter, a single tweet from Azziad comes with a price tag of Ksh.50,000. On Facebook, a single post costs Ksh.100,000, while a brand placement and mention cost Ksh.50,000 and Ksh.30,000, respectively.

Azziad’s presence on YouTube is equally lucrative. A video promotion on her channel costs Ksh.100,000, while brand placement and mentions come at Ksh.50,000 and Ksh.30,000, respectively.

Demonstrating her business acumen, Azziad also offers comprehensive brand engagement packages. The “Weekly brand engagement package” is priced at Ksh.250,000 and includes 1 TikTok video, 1 Tweet, 1 Instagram post, 1 InstaStory, and 1 Facebook post.

For those seeking extended exposure, the “Monthly brand engagement package” is available at Ksh.500,000, offering 2 TikTok videos, 2 tweets, 3 Instagram posts, 4 InstaStories, and 2 Facebook posts.

Over time, Azziad’s rates have likely increased, given the high demand for her services, and corporations willing to invest substantial sums to leverage her influence.

The rise of digital media has given birth to new careers, with content creators evolving into influential figures. These individuals attract substantial audiences with their online antics, creating opportunities for brands to connect with their followers and generate revenue.

What started as seemingly ordinary “weird” kids doing funny things online has transformed into a lucrative business, with top influencers now demanding substantial sums for brand endorsements, giving media houses a run for their money.

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